Crafted for You

Gift the NEVER forgotten.

You create the perfect brand.
You provide the best customer service.
You send a stock standard hamper to say ‘Thank You’.

Don’t let your customers forget you, or your gifts. Whether you’re saying ‘Thank You’, ‘We’re Sorry’, ‘Happy Anniversary’ or starting off on the right foot with a ‘Welcome’, we love to craft gifts to convey your message from YOU.

What we’ve done…

MKM Constructions

With a number of desired inclusions, this was a gifting collaboration with a difference!

A St Ann’s decanter branded with MKM’s logo, keepsake items for a corporate lunchroom and food stuffs to complement were on the list.

The keepsake items decided on were a sandwich press with an engraved plaque, the decanter and double walled cups. With pops of green to match their logo, this hamper is truly custom. Wrapped in silver paper, and tied with custom-branded MKM ribbon - GIVE WOW!


Keeping it onbrand was important to Maxio, who specialise in inspiring office spaces! They also were looking for a residential build option so we delivered both with unique, high quality inclusions that appeal to their target markets.

Let’s craft your gift together.

It’s an easy process. Well, for you at least!

We ask a few questions, our Gift Curators craft your concepts (inclusive of pretty moodboards so you can see what you’d be gifting!). Then we talk about money, ordering and shipping, but…

how about we do the fun part first?

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